At Evolight Australia we understand how hard it is to keep up with international competition with ever increasing overheads and standards in the local market particularly on the manufacturing front.
Our home grown Aqualuma High Bay series are the perfect way to increase lighting conditions of your facility whilst in some circumstances actually reducing the number of fittings required when replacing your old metal halides.
This increases your government rebate amount and saves you ALOT more on your energy bills.
Our High Bays have been designed with the manufacturer in mind producing upto 161lm/W to produce as much light as possible for those high detail areas where high standards of vision are paramount.
With this sort of power, backed up with a 7 year warranty and IP66 rating…..You cant go wrong.
Call us today on 1300 060 123 to book an appointment with one of our LED professionals to see how you can optimize your lighting capabilities whilst minimizing your energy consumption.

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