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Basement area – 130 units replacing a minimum of 260 metal halides
Once again given the task of reducing a large number of fittings in harsh conditions whilst improving lighting levels and sticking to a very tight budget Evolight delivered.
Replacing a minimum of two 150W units in low areas of the basement, in hot humid conditions we utilized our 90W Aqualuma LED Low bay with diffused lenses. Complete with on board, inbuilt motion sensors we sore lighting levels double and dark spots eliminated with the huge spread of the low bay fitting.
Reel Store - 1 for 1 replacement
By utilizing our new 130WLite bay replacing 400W metal halides we have improved lighting conditions by 50 percent. We also added motion sensors in areas which are seldom used increasing the savings even further.
Maintenance Work Shop 1 for 1 replacement
In the High Lux areas where light levels and quality are paramount our 125W units are more than enough for this job! With our optics creating large beam angles there are no issues with shadowing and at 161lm/W levels are
well over 500 lux!

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