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After trials with many other LED products Kenworth gave Evolight the go ahead for the remaining areas which had not yet been upgraded to LEDs.
Replacing 350W High pressure Sodium fittings with just 125W LEDs in the main areas has resulted in the light levels more than doubling!
Light quality has also vastly improved moving to a 5300k LED which has a much whiter appearance the the Orange colour of the High Pressure sodium units.
Lighting in the aisles has also risen by upto 120 lux! We replaced 400W metal halides with our 165W aisle optic units complete with on board, built in lux and motion sensors which have increased savings dramatically.
Even with some aisle widths being just 1.2m which are generally extremely hard to illuminate, our 185w units saw the lux figures raise from just 57 lux all the way to 194 lux.
Exterior fittings have been reduced from 400W metal halides down to 165W LED aisle optic units resulting in light levels upto 4 times higher than what they were previously.
400W canopy lights have also been replace with our 90W LED canopy lights. Even with this massive reduction in power light levels have more than doubled!

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